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Indecision - Ghost KeyInformações Sobre a Música: Indecision – Ghost Key
Nome do Cantor / Banda: Ghost Key
Nome da Música: Indecision
Categoria / Gênero: Rock
Lançado em: 2017
Tipo de Arquivo: Mp3
Tamanho do Arquivo: 4MB
Servidores: 4shared / Palcomp3 / Link Direto

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Letra da Música: Indecision – Ghost Key

Wasting my time wasting away
Wasted four long years just to claim I’m okay
The question remains
Is it still all for me
Running in circles
Am I in the right the place

Bloodshot eyes
Ringing in my ears
Swollen throat afraid to speak on all my fears
I made a pact to be honest
So it’s time to speak up
Rip my thoughts into pieces
Pick apart my skull
Please tell me what I’ve done wrong
I can’t do this on my own

I am complacent
Familiar with failure
Feet stuck in the sand
So quick to let go of the things I love
A past that haunts me
A future I’m avoiding
Always looking back trying to fight the fact that this was never the plan

No one deserves to live like this
Penniless and without a purpose
The life I lead hasn’t meant a thing
I wouldn’t miss me if I were gone

Spreading myself thin
Lost in the shuffle
I am indecision
Wrapped up in skin
Giving in is a common theme I continue to dissolve
Outside myself
My own thoughts a common thief stealing every piece of my resolve

I am familiar with failure
You are no stranger to reminding me
My life is a fleeting moment.
Just one big missed opportunity

I am terrified to die
Because my life has yet to mean anything
Im making an effort to ignore the voice in my head
The chilling whisper of death
It never disappears

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